Monday, January 30, 2012

We're Back From The Vintage Market, And We're Filling Our Spaces With Fresh Finds!

 Several of our vendors took M & M on the road this past week!
 It was great fun, and now it's time to fill our spaces to the brim for you!
 Tamara will be bringing Spring to her space...
 And look at what Kathy and Deb have in store!
  Our cupboards will be filled, so check in every corner!
 Or you might just miss something...
 That perfect thing...
That makes your house your "home."  Kris just may still have this in her space!
You'll just have to come visit and see!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We'll Be Open! Your Cure For Cabin Fever!

 We're die hards here in Monroe on Main Street, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!  Blanketed with snow, it's even more beautiful!
 So come and visit and see our new winter finds!  They are everywhere!
 The road's are clearing and being cleared just for you!
 So, venture out and we'll be here happy to see you!  And we have the bakery just next door too!
So whether it's cabin fever or spring fever, we can help with that!  
See you soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

See What You're Missing!

 Things change so quickly here at M&M, there are days when it's hard to keep up!
You mercantile shoppers love your jars...we keep these stocked for you to fill and line up in your kitchen! 
 While your dreaming about your garden this year, we're collecting things to add the charm...and we just displayed a beautiful collection of vintage watering cans!  Hurry, those go quick!

You don't have to smoke these ;) but, don't they look great all piled in a wooden bowl?

 These vintage cowboys and indians fly out the door, we also have soldiers of all kinds that have become a favorite collectible here, and filled a lot of Christmas stockings!  ;)

 And always remember you will find clocks of every style and vintage.  Mel keeps every one in perfect working condition!  People come from far and wide with their clocks to be repaired, and usually leave with another one for their collection!

For your most authentic antique shopping experience ever,  nothing tops M&M here in beautiful Monroe at the foot of the Cascades, just off Hwy 2 on the way to Stevens Pass!
See you Soon!