Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Much New And Exciting Here At M&M...You Just Have To Come See...

This is what you'll find when you walk in the door right now...don't you want to live here?   Kathy just finished redoing the store.

This is her upstairs space.
And downstairs.  There's new merchandise everywhere!!!

You have to get here!  An authentic antique mall...no new stuff ;)
Mel brings fabulous new finds everyday.
Here she is...Kathy just before Ruffles and Rust!
Yep,  M&M did the show and had an incredible time!  So much exciting news Mel has expanded her space, Tamara too!  And Deb of Garden Party has expanded and moved upstairs!   We'll keep you posted of all the  news, so...come visit!  Can't wait for you to see all that's new!


  1. Love being a part of M&M,so much to look forward to!

    Deb ;)

  2. Welcome to bloggy-land, Mel and Company! So happy to see you here, and YOU are on my blog roll too! See ya as soon as I *recover* from too many shows in a row . . . .



  3. It looks fabulous - I have missed coming in! I am heading out of town again but will be by when I return~