Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grand Opening Friday Evening August 24th!!!!!

 It's almost time...
 Come see this incredible early jointed Navaho mannequin/theater figure?  Mel's bringing her to Antique Roadshow!

You'll be so glad you came...Adam from his Northwest Bistro will be providing extraordinary appetizers, so come sip some wine with us!

 So much to see.
 Best vendors around, and featured in Flea Market Style Magazine!
 Some brand new vendors too.

 Kathy of Tattered and Torn has been working double time!
 Getting everything displayed for you!
 So don't miss this one!

 You just might win this beautiful basket of Vintage goodness!
So, come visit, meet the vendors, and celebrate the grand opening of this amazing antique mall in it's new location!

M&M Antiques
123 Lewis St
Monroe, WA

See you all very soon!

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    Your photos are fantastic!!